Rates are Effective As Of: 07/14/24

Equity Loans

Closing costs paid by credit union must keep loan for 2 years. If paid off before 2 years, you have to pay back the closing costs & fees. See staff for more details. Keep in mind - The cost of living is the difference between your net income and your gross habits.
Rates are Effective As Of: 07/14/24


Regular savings accounts include life savings insurance paid for by the credit union. On regular savings accounts only, when an account owner expires, the credit union may double the amount of money in this account up to $2,000.00. See staff for more details.
Monthly fee for checking account: 2.00

Money Market Account

If the account balance falls below the required minimum, the funds will be transferred to regular savings.

Club Accounts


You are never too young to begin saving for retirement! Pay yourself first Traditional Retirement Account Roth Retirement Account Cloverdell (Educational IRA)
Rates are Effective As Of: 07/14/24

Certificates of Deposits

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to change. Substantial penalties assessed on funds withdrawn prior maturity.
Certificate - One year or under: 90 Day Penalty
Certificate - Over one year: 180 Day Penalty


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